Glocal Power Ltd. develops and implement project in process automation and control system with highly expert Engineers who are working with PLC and instrumentation for many years.

As a Total Turn Key Based Solution, Glocal Power Ltd. Offers

* Distributed Control System With Central Monitoring and Supervisory Controlling

* Discrete Automation With PLC

* Remote And Central Monitoring System

* Field Instrumentation

Moreover Glocal Power Ltd.  provides services on Automation and Control System services in the industries

* Packaging Industries

* Cement Industries

* Steel Mills

* Pharmaceuticals

* Refineries

* Paper Mills etc.

The Service Includes

Equipment supply and installation at site


Glocal Power Ltd. works with both IEC-61850 and MODBUS based substation monitoring and control system.

The service under this section includes:


     * Designing overall conceptual diagram of SAS.

* Making I/O list.

* Making and Testing Connection Diagram.

* Establishing Communication amongst Devices.

* And Test Them.

     * Trouble Shooting the control system

* Backing up the control system

* Onsite testing and commissioning

* Upgrading control system Machines

* Yearly Maintenance