To ensure the smooth running of Genset and engines, it is necessary to control and supervise the operations within the system. Glocal Power Ltd. works with a Czech Republic company ComAp who is specialized in creating electronic control and management solutions for use in the power generation industries and drive power markets. The portfolio of products, software and accessories is designed to support


     * Generator Synchronization Panels(DG-Gas-HFO)

* AFR Control System for Gas Engine

* Engine & Fire Pump Control System

* Compressor Control System

* Marine Engine & Gen set Control System

* Bi-Fuel Control System for DG Engine & Generators

* Load Transfer Switch

* Remote Monitoring & Control System of Gen-Set

* Testing of Generator Protection Scheme

* SCADA Integration for all Gen-sets for Power Station


Glocal Power Ltd.  are a highly experienced in power generation solutions business, using industry leading products.

We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions and support, this support package may be as simple as design and commissioning services through to a full design and build power plant.

Our aim is to solve your problems, reassure you about the implementation process.

Our team listen to the designers and clients, their existing and/or new requirements; we establish an understanding of your business, enabling us to work through the implementation process with minimal disruption to the day to day business as possible, to cover all “what if scenario’s”.

We establish a conceptual solution which is discussed and reviewed at all levels and constantly throughout the project to ensure the delivery meets to initial concept.

Paralleling (synchronizing) diesel generation is nothing new, but again for some the speed of response of an asset is crucial, for others resilience to business loads is priority. Synchronizing systems, be it multiple generators or mains & generator paralleling is our “core” business; we care about the implementation, the sequencing, customer expectations, our aim therefore is to ensure we deliver a satisfactory solution to your business.