Human Resource

A professional, committed and skilled human resource is the main strength of GPL. In the choice of qualified staff to include in the project team, the firm gives preference to personnel whose suitability can be guaranteed. The following criteria are used for the selection of candidates:

  • Professional qualifications and ability to exchange knowledge;
  • Experience from working in the region;
  • Experience from working with the Donor Agencies;
  • Experience from privatization and divestiture projects;
  • Procurement in accordance with donors’ policies and rules;

The composition of GPL staff follows the well-recognized Shamrock Model. This is an organizational model that increases competitiveness through optimal utilization of staff and maximum flexibility and is hence advantageous to all partners. Following the well-known Shamrock Model, workforce within GPL is divided into three categories:

Permanent (or full-time) Employees:  Including all home office staff as well as those of managerial rank in field. This category is responsible for operational continuity and safeguarding service quality levels.

Core Contract Personnel: Professionals frequently undertaking long-term assignments. Several individuals in this category have later become permanent employees.

 Short-term Personnel: Staff within infrequent fields of operation. Due to this arrangement, GPL has become known for its competence in the identification and procurement of short-term experts within a wide range of fields.

 List of Key Professionals (Permanent)


Discipline(s) Number
Board of Directors / Managing Partners 06
Business Development Department 10
Technical Service and Implementation Department 39
Research and Development (R&D) Department 05
Admin and HR Department 05
Accounts, Finance and Commercial Department 05
Executive and Messengers 10
Total (Eighty) 80
Years in Business